Download and install

PyCantonese requires Python 3.4 or above.

Latest stable release

The latest stable release (version 2.0.0) is hosted at PyPI and therefore available via pip:

$ python3 -m pip install pycantonese

python3 is meant to point to your Python 3 interpreter. Administrative privileges (e.g., sudo on Unix-like systems) may be required.

To test your installation in the Python interpreter:

>>> import pycantonese
>>> pycantonese.__version__  # show version number

The stable release version is what this documentation describes, unless otherwise noted.

Under testing and development

The version under testing and development is available at the GitHub repository

This version likely contains experimental code not yet documented. You may obtain it via git:

$ git clone
$ cd pycantonese
$ python3 install

Administrative privileges may be required for the last command.

Changelog on GitHub


PyCantonese depends on the following Python libraries. If they are not detected on your system when you install PyCantonese, they are automatically installed for you: